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A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere


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Izushi Sara Soba ‘Mikura’

Sanpou Nishimuraya Honten

Tango Teahouse

A tea house located in the Tango Kingdom Shoku-no-Miyako: the largest road station in Western Japan. The tea house prides itself on locally grown teas. The tea is characterized by……


This restaurant is attached to a souvenir shop, which deals in fresh seafood, local souvenirs and so on. There is easy access from the Yuhigaura Kitsu-onsen Station. As the town is……

Innovative Cuisine Takashima

This restaurant is situated in Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-Sato. The restaurant specializes in fresh seafood caught in Kyotango. You can enjoy the fresh seafood to your heart’s content……


The soba restaurant Tempu offers authentic buckwheat soba noodles. This nourishing and tasty soba is made from organic buckwheat. Simple yet satisfying dish that is loved by soba l……

Kikunoya Japanese Restaurant

A Japanese restaurant located right in front of Mineyama station. The restaurant specializes in mainly healthy menus and medical herb dishes. A regular menu is also available at th……

Roan Kumihama

This restaurant is the second branch of the soba restaurant Roan Matsuda which has been awarded One Michelin star. You can enjoy the great soba at reasonable prices.

Diner Asano Shokudo

A locally popular Japanese restaurant with an extensive menu at reasonable prices. The lineup of side dishes in the corner of the restaurant is one of the unique features here. ……

Kumihama SANKAIKAN Restaurant Meshiru

This restaurant is attached to the souvenir shop: Kumihama SANKAIKAN. All you can eat buffet is *800 yen for adults on weekdays. *The Price is different on weekdays and weekends. ……


The ramen shop located on route 312 is accessible from Kyotango-Omiya IC by car. Their sticky mild ramen soup attracts customers. Also the restaurant offers free drinks during lunc……

Atari Nakatari Seno Udon Shop

A locally popular Udon noodle shop open since 1929.

Okesho Fish Market & Restaurant

Blue Ridge Lunch & Dinner

Nakai Sushi & Japanese Cuisine


How about trying some old-fashioned, traditional Chinese noodles in this cozy little shop?


Our rice is specially hand picked and our buckwheat noodles are diligently handmade fresh. How about seeing how good they really do taste?

Restaurant Uemura

A shop that boasts a soup made with care that can be enjoyed in a warm and soft atmosphere.