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Izushi is a castle town that flourished during the Edo era, about 200-300 years ago. There are several fine displays of traditional architecture found throughout the town, which is why Izushi is designated as a national preservation district of important buildings. The town is also famous for its own original style of soba, Japanese buckwheat noodles. Approximately 50 soba shops line the town’s streets.

Points of Interest

Castle Ruins & Arikoyama-inari
Izushi castle used to sit at the top of the mountain, commanding an impressive view over the town. Remains of the castle are still preserved at the foot of the mountain. You can climb the old stone steps up to a small shrine located partially up the mountain.
Eirakukan Kabuki Theatre
Built in 1901, this is the oldest Kabuki theater in the Kansai region and the oldest Kabuki theater in Japan that is still standing in the same place it was built. After being closed in 1964, Eirakukan was restored and reopened to the public in 2008.
Sake Cellars
250 year old sake cellars made of red clay walls. The cellars are still used today to store and sell Izushi’s local sake Sasa Zuru. It is also possible to indulge in some sake tasting here!
Shinkoro Clock Tower
The clock tower was built in 1871, and still ticks away today as the town’s symbol.