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The mountain region is in close vicinity to Kinosaki and includes the Kannabe Highlands. From spring to autumn, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing. In the winter with the coming of the snow, you can also enjoy skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing among other activities. With its diverse collection of activities, Kannabe can be enjoyed all year round and is a popular destination for outdoor activities for people all over the Kansai region.

Sample of some of the available activities

People of all levels can enjoy snowshoeing in winter on Kannabe volcano. The guide will tell many ways on how to enjoy the freshly fallen snow such as lying down in it, gazing at the completely white scenery and looking for animal tracks. At the summit while looking at the crater, enjoy a hot drink while sitting at a dining table made of snow.
Skiing & Snowboarding
With an elevation of 500m above sea level, you can enjoy skiing on one of the 3 ski hills in Kannabe Highlands. There are courses for all levels from beginner to advanced. You can also try night skiing to experience something completely different from the day. In summer, we offer grass skiing so you can enjoy the slopes even in the off-season.
Forest Adventure OkuKANNABE
Forest Adventure OkuKANNABE, which opened in June 2016, is an outdoor obstacle course in the trees. Traverse obstacles, zip line, and swing on the Tarzan rope all while in a scenic forest. In the trees, you will have control of your own safety equipment, making it more fun and engaging.
Volcanic Rock Trekking
Go hiking on a lava flow formation which erupted from Mt. Kannabe about 25,000 years ago, and then hardened over time. While completing this 1.6 km course, explore behind a waterfall, and use your strength to overcome any hurdle you might face. Routes vary from beginner to intermediate so those of all levels can enjoy this activity.