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Nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains and sea, this hot spring town is filled with the tradition and culture of old Japan. Gazing at the classic architecture as you stroll along the willow-lined river most of the year and cherry blossom-lined river in the spring, it’s easy to understand why Kinosaki attracts both Japanese and foreign visitors seeking to experience a piece of history and culture. The nostalgic ambience greets you the moment you arrive. The entire town feels like one large ryokan. The station is your entrance, the streets the hallways. The inns are your rooms and the hot springs are your bath. Slip on your yukata and indulge in some of the best relaxation at any of the ryokan.
“The best way to experience Japanese culture is at a ryokan.”
-Bluewings (Finnair Magazine)
Traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) line the picturesque streets. Kinosaki reveals the real Japan.

The 7 distinct public onsens of Kinosaki

Enjoy the natural hot spring waters day and night
  • Satono-yu
  • Jizou-yu
  • Yanagi-yu
  • Ichino-yu
  • Goshono-yu
  • Mandara-yu
  • Kouno-yu


Traditional yukata (light cotton kimono) and geta (wooden sandals) can be borrowed from the ryokan where you stay.
Shateki, an early amusement shooting game in Japan, is just one of the many attractions and shops lining the Kinosaki streets.
Tired feet from strolling through the Kinosaki streets? Take a break at a free hot spring foot bath.