Visit Kinosaki Onsen

A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Auberge ALBERIO with observatory

Dinners feature seasonal vegetables, freshly harvested from our farm, seafood from the Sea of Japan, Tajima Beef, and more, all skillfully arranged by the chef who trained in France.
Meals include appetizers, fish dishes, meat dishes, desserts and more (Fresh homemade bread included). And of course meals for children can be prepared.
Suggestion: After dinner, if the weather is good, you can enjoy views of the planets and seasonal constellations from the telescope in our observatory. Note, these cannot be seen during the winter, or in bad weather.
The next morning, it is recommended to wake up early and go to Takeda Castle ruins, known as the “castle in the sky”. This famous castle is a great place to see in the autumn! Autumn is when you can see the sea of clouds, because of the drastic differences in temperature during this time. It is just a 35 minute drive from ALBERIO if you take the toll free Kitakinki Toyooka Expressway.
For breakfast, enjoy freshly baked Danishes and croissants, as well as salad with sausages and more. (The photo is just an example.)
From November, crab from the Sea of Japan is available! The crab can be prepared in various ways, including crab hot pot, baked crab, and more. Guests who wish to have crab hot pot (kani nabe), please choose from our basic crab hot pot plan or crab full course dinner plan.
In addition, crab sashimi and crab cooked in the half shell can be offered for the full course dinner.
For an additional price, a plan can be changed to a crab full course.
In the winter you can have fun at Oku-Kannabe ski area located adjacent to us, and just a one-minute walk to the family lift from our front door.
Even beginners can enjoy the winter sports offered, there is also a rental shop to make things easier for you.
Enjoy the hot spring village of Kinosaki Onsen, 40 minutes away by car, as well as winter sports and delicious meals.


Business Hours
7am~11pm (phone reception hours)
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Dinner: 6:00pm
Breakfast: 7:30am
Holidays / Closed
147-1 Yamata Hidaka-cho Toyooka-shi Hyogo-pref.

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