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Spend an unforgettable night in Kinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

Enjoy some of Kinosaki Onsen’s finest hours, with a plan curated by one of our local experts...

One of Japan’s best beaches, a stone’s throw from Kinosaki

TakenoKinosaki Inspirations

A gem along the northern coast of Hyogo Prefecture. This beautiful beach is among the best and ranked in the top 100 beaches in Japan!

Take a portal back to Edo Japan – a day in Izushi castle town

IzushiKinosaki Inspirations

By spending a day exploring ancient Izushi castle town, you’ll be transported back to 1604!

Experience 1,300 Years of Kinosaki’s History

Kinosaki OnsenKinosaki Inspirations

Kinosaki Onsen has been loved by locals and travelers for over 1,300 years and counting. But what sets it apart from other onsen towns is its many public onsen, which were each spa……

Spoil Yourself Course Kannabe

KannabeExpert Articles

How about a little bit of extravagance on your trip to reward yourself? Reward yourself with beautiful surroundings in Kannabe Highlands. Course Itinerary ……

Come for a visit, but don’t do a thing?

Kinosaki OnsenExpert Articles

At Kinosaki Onsen, the idea of “staying in your ryokan” may not be a standard way of spending your vacation here. As for us, the owners of the ryokan, it is custom for us to tell y……

Roots of Kannabe Sample Itinerary

KannabeExpert Articles

One of the best remaining volcano crater’s is in Kannabe Highlands, and this is Kannabe Mountain. Even though it is a volcano (extinct) it is an easy hike, you can hike to t……

Japanese ryokan meals are nothing to snub.

Kinosaki OnsenExpert Articles

Japanese inns basically have two meals, dinner and breakfast. This is the traditional style of a Japanese inn, and a chef specializing in a ryokan cooks a cuisine devoted to "local……

Snack Bars, the night culture of the hot spring town.

Kinosaki OnsenExpert Articles

Kinosaki Onsen’s night. Eat your fill at your ryokan and then go out to visit some of the bathhouses with your geta echoing at your feet as you walk down the streets. What to do ne……

Don’t think, just relax and get naked.

Kinosaki OnsenExpert Articles

Understandably, getting naked with a bunch of strangers for the first time, especially when it is not part of your culture or something that you are not accustomed to, will be di……

“Yukata” You’ve just got to try one on.

Kinosaki OnsenExpert Articles

Putting on your yukata is the first step to truly experiencing Kinosaki Onsen

Kannabe Dine and Relax

KannabeExpert Articles

There are many sightseeing spots that can be relaxing and not just high energy activities. Enjoy nature, the scenery and fresh mountain air to help you re-energize and recover.……

“Onsen Manju” A must-buy on your trip to Japan

Kinosaki OnsenExpert Articles

For Japanese people, there’s a custom of buying souvenirs whenever they travel somewhere. “Omiyage”, or souvenir, refers to goods or gifts that are associated with the traveler’s d……

Sightseeing destination where local community is still alive and well.

Kinosaki OnsenExpert Articles

Wooden three-story ryokan and other buildings stand with swaying willow trees along the Ootani River. This is where I was born and raised, and now I run my own ryokan. In town tour……

Active Mountain Course

KannabeExpert Articles

In the Kannabe Highlands, you can enjoy more than just skiing and snowboarding during the winter, or snow season as we call it. During spring, summer, and autumn, also known as……