Kinosaki Inspirations

One of Japan’s best beaches, a stone’s throw from Kinosaki

A gem along the northern coast of Hyogo Prefecture

This beautiful beach is among the best and ranked in the top 100 beaches in Japan.

Its crystal-clear waters have been given top marks by Japan's Ministry of Environment and they stretch along clean, soft, sandy beaches. Takeno is a quiet fishing town with beautiful nature, friendly residents, and traditional houses. The town features great hiking spots with views of the ocean and the entire town, as well as canoeing and swimming in the summer.

Getting to Takeno

Takeno Station
Takeno Station

Takeno Station is located just a quick 10 minute train ride away from Kinosaki Onsen Station. From Takeno Station, walk 20 minutes through the tranquil fishing village of Takeno to Takeno Beach.

Not many onsen towns can boast having such a beautiful beach located so close by. Takeno beach is definitely an attraction that should not be overlooked during your visit to Kinosaki Onsen!

Alright let the day of fun begin! But first, if you are interested:

  • Swimming at Takeno beach
    Swimming at Takeno beach
  • Some background on Takeno

    The northern coastline of Hyogo Prefecture, called the Takeno Coast, offers beautiful stretches of white sandy beach, crystal-clear seas, as well as stunning rock formations. The coastline is actually one section of the expansive San’in Kaigan UNESCO Global Geopark, which stretches from Kyoto Prefecture through to Tottori Prefecture, featuring a dynamic range of natural and geological history-related attractions. The unique characteristics of the climate and geography of the area give the Takeno Coast an abundance of wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and regional food.

  • And a bit of history

    During the Edo period (1603–1868), the Takeno area functioned as an important harbor in the coastal shipping trade due to favorable winds and convenient location between the eastern and western sea routes. Today, the area is a quiet fishing town boasting four natural beaches, nature trails, and various experiences that both locals and visitors can enjoy.

  • Takenos inland port
    Takeno's inland port

Takeno has a wealth of active and exciting adventures waiting for you. Today, let's do some hiking and some cycling!

  • Nekozaki Peninsula
    Nekozaki Peninsula
  • Hiking Nekozaki Peninsula

    After arriving and checking out the town of Takeno and Takeno Beach for a bit, it’s time to begin the adventure and hike Nekozaki Peninsula.

    Nekozaki Peninsula juts out from Takeno beach, and into the Sea of Japan. It is the northern-most point in Hyogo Prefecture. Nekozaki in Japanese means ‘crouching cat’, and looks like such from inland. It has also been given the nickname “Kewpie” by locals because it also looks like a Kewpie doll lying on its back.

  • The hike is about 2.3km one-way and is about a 2 hour round trip.

    There is a hiking and nature trail that is easy to follow and is easy to walk along for most of the way. There are some steep inclines, declines, and stairs along the way, so sturdy shoes should be worn and caution should be taken in slippery conditions.

Wind down at this seaside cafe for lunch

  • Petit Pas
    Petit Pas

    Work up an appetite hiking? Have a breather at this cute little French restaurant

    Petit Pas Dining & Resort is a french-style restaurant that has beautiful lunch plates and desserts. Their outdoor seating gives you a great view of the ocean.

Once you’re fully rested and ready to head back out...

Rent a bicycle, and explore the town and local coastline

Renting a bicycle will help you cover more ground and see more of the town and coastline. You can rent a bicycle in Takeno at the Takeno Tourist Association building.
Enjoy a few hours leisurely coasting around and absorbing the beauty of a traditional Japanese fishing village.

Along the shore you can also see one of the symbols of the San’in Geopark, Hasakari Rock, and also stop by some of the other beaches dotted along the coast.

  • Fin.

    If the weather is good, you can enjoy an impressive sunset over the ocean from Takeno beach.

    This is a nice way to wrap up an eventful day spent at the beautiful Takeno beach. From here you can catch the night-train back to Kinosaki Onsen, where a relaxing night at the onsen or a wild night of karaoke at the local ‘snack’ bars await you.


Beaches in Takeno

Four large beaches and an abundance of nature make the Takeno Coast region a good destination for outdoor activities and enjoyment of the seaside.

  • Takeno Beach

    The star of Takeno. The perfect family-friendly location, with calm and shallow water and minimal waves.

  • Benten Beach

    Benten Beach is situated next to a pine forest and frequented by campers who tend to set up tents right on the beach under the shade of the trees.

  • Aoi Beach

    Aoi Beach is an ideal spot if visitors are planning to bring along pets, since it is the only animal-friendly beach in the area.

  • Kirihama Beach

    Kirihama Beach, located the farthest west, is relatively unknown and does not draw as many people as the other beaches; it is also very swimmable, since as the waters are calm.

Water sports and rental in Takeno

Geokayaking the Sanin Geopark
Geokayaking the San'in Geopark

For those seeking to enjoy the sea, equipment rental and instruction is available for a number of water sports and experiences, including snorkeling, diving, paddle boarding, and kayaking. A guided tour of the coastal scenery is a recommended activity. Visitors can paddle their own “Geo Canoe” through the crystal clear waters to get a closer look at the coastline’s unique rock formations, accompanied by an expert on the area. Reservations should be made in advance to participate in any particular activity.