Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures
Stay in Kinosaki at a ryokan, explore and relax in Kinosaki's hot spring town on your first day after arriving. On your second day travel to Kannabe Highlands. Here you challenge yourself on the Forest Adventure's ropes course, take a ride in a hot-air balloon, cook outdoors, or go paragliding.
Trip Highlights
Stay in a ryokanStroll the town in a yukataVisit Kinosaki's 7 hot springs
Self-guided bicycle tourForest Adventure ropes courseHot-air balloon ride
ParaglidingWaterfallsOutdoor cooking
Trek an old lava flow
  • Day 1
    • Arrive in Kinosaki and spend the day relaxing
      Arrive in Kinosaki and spend the day relaxing
      Leave Kyoto by express train to Kinosaki Onsen. Spend time exploring the many fascinating shops in Kinosaki. Then, you can take the Kinosaki Onsen Ropeway up halfway to Onsenji Station, where you can visit the Onsenji Temple. Afterwards, you can hop back on the ropeway to go up to the top of the mountain. From there you can sip coffee while enjoying the view, or try your hand at throwing small discs (kawarake) at a target located just off the mountain. Other available activities include a straw craft workshop (1 hour) and cycling around Kinosaki on a bicycle rented from SOZORO.
    • Enjoy Kinosaki's night atmosphere
      Enjoy Kinosaki's night atmosphere
      Spend the night in your ryokan, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and a delicious dinner.
  • Day 2
    • Head up to the mountains in Kannabe
      Head up to the mountains in Kannabe
      Start off the day with breakfast in your ryokan. Afterwards, take a JR train to Toyooka Station, followed by a local train to Ebara Station. If you signed up for a tour in Kannabe you have the option of being picked up from Ebara Station. If not, then you can take the local Zentan Bus to Kannabe.
    • Forest Adventure ropes course or hiking
      Forest Adventure ropes course or hiking
      Arrive in Kannabe on the morning of day 2 and begin your day by challenging yourself to Forest Adventure's ropes course. You will be given the freedom to explore the course but also the responsibility to maintain your safety, all on your own. This is one of the activities’ appeals. Courses include various types of bridge crossings like hanging logs, zip lines, cargo nets, balance beams, and more. You can also spend the morning hiking one of the mountain trails. One of the more popular trails is an old lava flow.
    • Hot-air ballooning
      Hot-air ballooning
      After completeing your ropes course you can grab lunch at one of the local cafes or at the parking area restaurant near by. After lunch head over to "Kannabe Soland". This is the only permanent hot air balloon in the Kansai region and was just born in the Kannabe Highlands! This activity is a tethered balloon ride (the hot air balloon is tied to a car below). The flight will be taken place at minimum of 4 people.
    • Or spend the day paragliding
      Or spend the day paragliding
      For paragliding, you can choose to do a tandem where you will be strapped onto the paraglider together with a guide to help you. You can also choose to take lessons through a local paragliding school to try a solo flight. If you decide to go paragliding, there will not be time for any of the other Kannabe Highlands activities. Afterwards, take a train from Ebara Station back to Kinosaki Onsen Station for hot springs visits and dinner at your ryokan.
  • Day 3
    • Explore nearby areas on bicycle
      Explore nearby areas on bicycle
      Have breakfast in your ryokan before heading out to explore more of Kinosaki. Afterwards, choose between two self-guided tours you can take using a rental bicycle. One option is to go for the Nature & Stork Sanctuary route. You can bike past the Hachigoro Toshima Wetland, where you can spot the famous Oriental White Storks in their natural habitat. Also, you can visit Genbudo Park, and see magnificent caves made of hexagonal pillars that formed as the result of a volcanic explosion. Have lunch at the Genbudo Museum right nearby.
    • Another area to visit
      Another area to visit
      The other option is to bike in the River & Port area. On this route, you can bike to Kehi Beach, Tsuiyama Fishing Port, and past the Maruyama River. During the spring and summer months, you can enjoy swimming in the ocean at Kehi Beach, as well as BBQing. See the sea life and have lunch at Kinosaki Marine World. In mid-afternoon, leave Kinosaki Onsen by express train back to Kyoto.
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