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Art, Culture & HistoryShoppingKinosaki Onsen

Iroha Yukata Shop & Rental

Art, Culture & HistoryShoppingKinosaki Onsen

Kinosaki’s one and only yukata specialty boutique stocks a wide selection of high quality yukata for men, women, and children. Walk-ins and online reservations are accepted. You can rent a yukata for the entire day, giving you ple……

Genbudo Museum & Park

Natural WondersArt, Culture & HistoryToyooka

Genbudo Museum houses an extensive collection of rare minerals and precious stones as well as t-rex, pterosaur, and Asian elephant fossils. Located directly out in front of the museum is the natural national monument Genbudo Caves……

Traditional Straw Craft Box Creation Activity (With Take-Home Memento)

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Straw Craft Activity and Craftsman Workshop Tour (with English guide and private workshop)

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Straw Craft Museum

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

The Straw Craft Museum in Kinosaki is a hub of information relating to Kinosaki's traditional artform of mugiwara zaiku (straw craft).

Onsenji Temple

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

The guardian temple of Kinosaki's hot springs. The main building is located midway up Mt. Daishi and houses the rare and sacred 11-headed Kannon Bodhisattva, a designated national treasure. In the days of old, visitors would be re……

Onsenji Temple Hot Spring Therapy Origins Tour

Art, Culture & HistoryHot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Shisho Shrine

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Shisho Shrine, one of the most well-known Shinto shrines in the area, is located in the center of Kinosaki Onsen next to Goshono-yu. It has been said since the shrine's reported founding in 708 AD that guardians of Kinosaki Onsen'……

Zen Meditation, Buddhist Sermon, & Matcha at Gokurakuji Temple

Active & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & History

Yu No Yama Park

Active & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Yu No Yama Park is a secluded mountain viewpoint located right behind Ichino-Yu Hot Spring. A hidden gem unknown even to many locals, visitors will be rewarded with one of Kinosaki Onsen's best panoramic views after climbing the n……

Benten Park

Active & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Benten Park is a hidden gem tucked away right in the center of town, unknown to most due to its discrete placement on most maps. Home to two beautiful shrines and an unbeatable view of Kinosaki and the Maruyama River, climbing th……