Medical and Health Assistance in English

If you are in the need of medical attention during your travels in Kinosaki, here are a list of some clinics in the area that have English support.

In case of an emergency...

If you require immediate medical attention for a serious illness or injury please dial 119 for emergency assistance.

Public Hospital

Toyooka Hospital
Toyooka’s main public hospital
Address: 1094 Tobera
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-8501
TEL: 0796-22-6111

Hours: Mon – Fri 8am-4pm (reception: 8am-11am & 12pm-3pm)
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays & National Holidays
The Emergency Room Entrance is always open.

General Clinics

Yuri Doctors Surgery
Specialty: Internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology
Address: 9-53 Ozo-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0041
TEL: 0796-22-2382
Endo Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
Specialty: Internal Medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology
Address: 9-3 Chiyodacho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0032
TEL: 0796-22-2003
Fujimoto Clinic
Specialty: Surgery, internal medicine, physio therapy
Address: 128-7 Kuruhi, Kinosaki-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref.
TEL: 0796-32-3181


Kizuki Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 1-31 Kotobukicho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0024
TEL: 0796-24-1814
Fukuda Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 2-4 Otecho
Toyooka, Hyogo Pref. 668-0031
TEL: 0796-23-7951
Isaji Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry, orthodontics
Address: 1-35 Syowa-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0055
TEL: 0796-22-6000
Kawahara Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 1292-6 Momoshima, Kinosaki-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref
TEL: 0796-32-2247