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A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Medical and Health Assistance in English

If you are in the need of medical attention during your travels in Kinosaki, here are a list of some clinics in the area that have English support.

In case of an emergency...

If you require immediate medical attention for a serious illness or injury please dial 119 for emergency assistance.

Public Hospital

Toyooka Hospital
Toyooka’s main public hospital
Address: 1094 Tobera
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-8501
TEL: 0796-22-6111

Hours: Mon – Fri 8am-4pm (reception: 8am-11am & 12pm-3pm)
Closed: Saturdays, Sundays & National Holidays
The Emergency Room Entrance is always open.

General Clinics

Yuri Doctors Surgery
Specialty: Internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology
Address: 9-53 Ozo-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0041
TEL: 0796-22-2382
Endo Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic
Specialty: Internal Medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology
Address: 9-3 Chiyodacho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0032
TEL: 0796-22-2003
Fujimoto Clinic
Specialty: Surgery, internal medicine, physio therapy
Address: 128-7 Kuruhi, Kinosaki-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref.
TEL: 0796-32-3181


Kizuki Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 1-31 Kotobukicho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0024
TEL: 0796-24-1814
Fukuda Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 2-4 Otecho
Toyooka, Hyogo Pref. 668-0031
TEL: 0796-23-7951
Isaji Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry, orthodontics
Address: 1-35 Syowa-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref. 668-0055
TEL: 0796-22-6000
Kawahara Dental Clinic
Specialty: Dentistry
Address: 1292-6 Momoshima, Kinosaki-cho
Toyooka, Hyogo-Pref
TEL: 0796-32-2247