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Pictured above is the annual floating lantern festival in Kinosaki.
Enjoy fireworks almost nightly during August in Kinosaki and a fighting shrine festival in the fall, these are two of the biggest festivals in Kinosaki but are not the only ones. Look below for information on other events and festivals happening throughout the year. Below that you can also find a list of events going on in other areas near Kinosaki.


Ryoma Shibata Kinosaki Onsen Local Expert
Kinosaki Onsen Master Local Expert
Ryoma Shibata
Kinosaki Onsen

Welcome to my town of Kinosaki Onsen. I am the fourth generation ryokan master of Tajimaya Ryokan here in Kinosaki Onsen. Before beginning my work here I lived and studied in Las Vegas for four years. Living abroad gave me a new prespective and appreciation for the beauty of Japanese “Wa” and the remarkableness of my town.

I invite and urge you to come and experience the tradition of my town. I highly suggest staying in a ryokan and taking an extra day to do almost nothing, just relax in your room with a book. On the other day you should definitly experience the hot springs, wear a yukata, order a kaiseki dinner at your ryokan and enjoy the atmosphere and nightlife of Kinosaki Onsen.

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