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Yukata Boutique and Rental Shop

Kinosaki’s one and only yukata specialty boutique is located next to Goshono Yu, one of the seven bathhouses near the back of town. Open everyday (except Thursdays) from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM (closed between 6 PM ~ 8 PM for a short time) and accepts walk-ins for people looking to rent a yukata for the day. According to the owner, the mission of the shop is to strengthen the yukata culture of the town. The yukata has been synonymous with onsen (Japanese hot springs) for centuries and has been a part of Kinosaki Onsen since the discovery of its hot springs over 1300 years ago. In recent years, due to modern fashion and conveniences, the younger locals do not as commonly wear the yukata. Some say that part of Kinosaki Onsen’s beauty comes from the yukata, and IROHA is doing its part to keep this tradition and beauty alive while giving visitors the chance to experience this culture and add to the beauty of the town.

A beautiful collection of high quality yukata

IROHA stocks a wide selection of high quality yukata for men, women and children–from bright and colorful floral patterns to more subtle and modern geometric patterns. You can find modern and retro yukata as well depending on your taste. No need to make reservations in advance, you can simply show up the day of and choose from the available yukata, they have an extensive selection. Once you have chosen your yukata, you then get to choose a coordinating obi (sash) to match. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed or lost with all the choices, don’t be afraid to ask the friendly staff for help. They are all knowledgeable in the latest trends and can help you find a suitable coordination. You can also ask them what is in season, since yukata patterns and colors are traditionally based on seasons and nature.

Once you have chosen your perfect yukata coordination, you can now go out onto the town and show off. Unlike those kimono studios in Kyoto, you are encouraged to go out anywhere in town in your yukata and you can wear it all day up until the shop closes.
It is the perfect way to enjoy the beautiful hot spring town of Kinosaki Onsen in style and tradition. Kinosaki Onsen is famous for being a town with an atmosphere and setting becoming of yukata. There are numerous spots around town that make for stunning backdrops that any instagrammer would drool over. Again, you can go just about everywhere in your yukata from any of the shops to the top of the ropeway.

Rental Prices & Packages

No need for advanced reservations, although the store does take them, simply just show up at the store on the day you would like to rent your yukata. There is no need to bring anything in particular, as the store will have everything necessary for you. For the ladies they will even help you set your hair, since having your hair pulled up and back is the traditional look. But if you have something else in mind, feel free to bring it up with the staff member helping you and they can see if it is possible. Please be aware that complicated styles may not be possible.

There are three basic rental package prices for men and women depending on the grade of the yukata you end up choosing. The basic package starts at about 2,160 yen, middle range is 3,240 yen and a higher end yukata package is about 5,400 yen. The rental includes the yukata, geta (wooden sandals), obi (sash), a small bag to carry your things in and the fitting fee.

IROHA can hold onto your clothes for you if you would like, but we ask that you store your larger luggage at one of the coin lockers near the station and keep your valuables with you or in a safe place. The rental time is for one day from 10:30 AM to as late as 10 PM, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your yukata and the town.

If you happen to have your own yukata and would like to wear that but don’t know how to put it on, there is a fitting-only option for 1,080 yen where the staff will help you into your yukata. You can also rent individual items and accessories like an obi or geta too.

It is also possible to purchase one of these lovely yukata directly from the store. In most places, finding a yukata outside of the summer season is difficult as this is normally the only time you can find them on sale because they are most commonly worn to summer festivals. The quality here is also considerably high compared to the “kimono” you will find at souvenir shops in tourist areas. You will also find fun geta (wooden sandals), tabi (fitted socks specifically designed to be worn with geta), Japanese style accessories, obi and other gorgeous items for sale. Even if you aren’t looking to rent this is the perfect store to find a fantastic souvenir for yourself or friend.

Automated Currency Exchange Machine

You can also find an automated currency exchange machine in IROHA. The machine can exchange 12 types of currency into Japanese yen including U.S. Dollar, Euro, and Chinese Yuan among others. Use the touch panel to navigate your exchange process, instructions are available in 10 languages. You can access the machine from 10 AM to 10 PM everyday except Thursdays (IROHA and the machine are closed on Thursdays). You can exchange foreign currency notes up to the equivalent of 100,000 Japanese yen. This has shown to be especially convenient since many shops do not except foreign credit cards or major credit cards.

Information listed below was last updated 05/2020 and is subject to change.Contact the business directly for updated information. Note, most businesses can only speak Japanese.


Business Name
IROHA Yukata Shop & Rental
Business Hours
10:30 ~ 18:00
20:00 ~ 22:00
(Temporarily closed from 18:00 ~ 20:00)
Holidays / Closed
449 Yushima
Kinosaki Onsen, Toyooka-shi
Hyogo 668-6101

This site is in Japanese.

Average Price Range
Yukata rental set prices based on chosen yukata ranking/quality. The three basic prices are 2,160 yen, 3,240 yen & 5,400 yen

This is a DUTY FREE shop. Duty free for any purchases over 5,000yen.
Payment Accepted
Distance from Station
About 850m from Kinosaki Onsen Station
Supported Languages


Please use the nearby public paid parking lot
Service Charges
If you have your own yukata and only need help putting it on there is a fitting service and the charge is 1,080 yen.