Art, Culture & History

Tajima Tea-Picking Tour (with English-speaking guide)

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiKinosaki Onsen

Enjoy gorgeous tea plantation views, pick your own tea leaves, and use them to make your own tea!

Toyooka’s Traditional Bag Crafting

Art, Culture & HistoryToyooka

Witness Toyooka’s 1,200 years of traditional bag crafting.

Cultural Experiences: Calligraphy

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

With guidance from an experienced staff member, learn how to write Japanese calligraphy, known as shodo in Japanese.

Cultural Experiences: Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Koto

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Travel back to the Edo era by experiencing traditional Japanese culture while you're in a traditional onsen town.

Zen Meditation, Buddhist Sermon, & Matcha at Gokurakuji Temple

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Try zen meditation and experience local Japanese culture at a lesser-known, local Kinosaki temple!

Zazen & Matcha + Private Nursery School Tour (with English guide)

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Take a glimpse into both traditional and contemporary Japanese life and culture through this tour. The tour will help clear your mind and warm your heart.

Izushi Kimono Rental

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

Izushi is a great place for wearing a kimono, so come for a stroll through this picturesque town!

Straw Craft Activity and Craftsman Workshop Tour (with English guide)

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Observe the fascinating and complex straw craft process, learn about its history, and make your own original straw craft design.

Onsenji Temple Hot Spring Therapy Origins Tour

Art, Culture & HistoryHot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

On this tour, learn about the ancient bathing rituals, Onsenji Temple's history, the founder of Kinosaki Onsen, and more!

Yukata Rental in Kinosaki Onsen

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Become part of the traditional Japan atmosphere by renting a yukata during your visit to Kinosaki!

Uncovering the Secrets of Kobe Beef’s Deliciousness Tour

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiYabu

View Ojiro, the beautiful village that is the birthplace of Tajima cattle, which makes Kobe beef. Try all 41 parts of this beef afterwards!

Kabuki Transformation Experience

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

In the oldest playhouse in the Kansai region, you have the opportunity to dress up in a complete and authentic Kabuki costume.

Private Meat Sommelier Lesson and Tajima Beef Meal

Art, Culture & HistoryKinosaki Onsen

Learn the history of Tajima beef and watch a meat sommelier demonstrate beef cutting skills in a private dining space. Afterwards, grill and enjoy the beef with various sides.

Full Day Izushi Tour with Meditation & Meeting a Monk! (with local guide)

Active & Outdoor AdventuresArt, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

Chat with a Buddhist monk, participate in Zen meditation, and get your own personal tour of Izushi with an English-speaking guide.

Meditate, Drink Tea, and Chat with a Local Buddhist Monk (with local guide)

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiIzushi

Travel to Izushi to chat with a Buddhist monk, participate in meditation, and more!

Oriental White Stork

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

This majestic creature, the Oriental White Stork, dances through the skies once again.

Kyotango City History Center

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

This museum is housed in a building of a former elementary school. The museum houses about 8,000 items, mainly items relating to traditional daily life and agricultural equipment, but also items relating to the fishing industry, f……

Komachi Koen Park

Art, Culture & HistoryKyotango

“Komachi Koen Park,” located in Oomiya City, is a park in the historic land of Komachi, where “Ono no Komachi,” one of the six famous poets of the Heian Era who was said to be extremely beautiful, spent her last days. In the park,……