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Komachi Koen Park

“Komachi Koen Park,” located in Oomiya City, is a park in the historic land of Komachi, where “Ono no Komachi,” one of the six famous poets of the Heian Era who was said to be extremely beautiful, spent her last days. In the park, visitors can find a palace-style Komachi home where Heian Era nobility spent their days, a bronze statue of Komachi and an exhibition, an event area, and “Soba Shop Kasen (Poet)” which is only open on Sundays.

Entrance Fee: Adults (15y.o+) 200 yen / children 100 yen


Business Hours
Open 10 am to 4 pm
Holidays / Closed
Closed every Wednesday
302 Ikaga, Oomachi-cho,
Kyotango City, Kyotango Prefecture 629-2512