Roots of Kannabe Sample Itinerary

Master Local Expert of KANNABE

One of the best remaining volcano crater’s is in Kannabe Highlands, and this is Kannabe Mountain. Even though it is a volcano (extinct) it is an easy hike, you can hike to the top from the parking lot near the base in about 20 minutes. Along with the site from the top of the volcano that looks over the highlands there are also magnificent scenes along the old lava flow hiking trail where you can see a 24m waterfall.

Course Itinerary

10:30 AM
Arrive in Kannabe
Climb Kannabe’s Volcano

Arrive at Kannabe’s rest area and head over to the tourism desk for a map to the top of the volcano. This volcano is located right behind the rest area and is one of the youngest volcano’s in the Kansai region.

Now that you have worked up an appetite its time to enjoy a lunch made with fresh local ingredients.

A Japanese style restaurant that serves an array of local and seasonal ingredients. We suggest the all-you-eat crab when it is in season.

Make Reservations for a Crab Lunch at Waraku

13:30 AM
Let’s keep the pace going.
We hope that you have recharged with you lunch rest and delicious food.
Hattan Waterfall

Hattan Waterfall is fed by the Inaga river and has a 24m drop. At the bottom of the water fall is a large basin that catches with falling water and creates a refreshing scene.
In early spring, we can see the residual snow on the back of the waterfall. In the summer you can see the waterfall surrounded by deep green. In autumn it is highlighted with bright autumn leaves, and in winter the waterfall becomes a winter wonderland.

4:00 PM
You’ve done good and are probably ready for some downtime.
What better way to recover than a nice long soak in the hot springs.
Kannabe Onsen Yutorogi

A public hot spring in the mountains of Kannabe. Enjoy indoor and outdoor baths. Indoor baths have jets to help you relax even more.
The baths are gender segregated, a side for men and a side for women.

8:00 PM
Now, head on back to your room and rest up for another adventure tomorrow.
Check-in to your Kannabe Lodgings

Check out some of the lodging spots in Kannabe that offer affordable lodging and friendly staff.

Master Local Expert of KANNABE