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Our local experts will share with you info on the area that’s hard to find in any guide book.

Ryoma Shibata Kinosaki Onsen Local Expert
Kinosaki Onsen Master Local Expert
Ryoma Shibata
Kinosaki Onsen

Welcome to my town of Kinosaki Onsen. I am the fourth generation ryokan master of Tajimaya Ryokan here in Kinosaki Onsen. Before beginning my work here I lived and studied in Las Vegas for four years. Living abroad gave me a new prespective and appreciation for the beauty of Japanese “Wa” and the remarkableness of my town.

I invite and urge you to come and experience the tradition of my town. I highly suggest staying in a ryokan and taking an extra day to do almost nothing, just relax in your room with a book. On the other day you should definitly experience the hot springs, wear a yukata, order a kaiseki dinner at your ryokan and enjoy the atmosphere and nightlife of Kinosaki Onsen.

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Local Expert
Kannabe Master Local Expert
Daichi Asakura

Welcome to Kannabe. I am the master local guide to the area.

Kannabe Kogen, or Kannabe Highlands, is a scenic spot with Mount Kannabe as one of the folcal points. It is a crator that was formed by volcanic activity about 20,000 years ago.
Kannabe is about 350 meters above sea level, while Mt. Kannabe is a 500 meter class mountain. Here you can enjoy all four seasons.

During the summer you can enjoy lava trekking. Walk along an old lava flow formed by volcanic eruptions. In winter you can ski or board at anyone of the three ski resorts.

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Takeno Master Local Expert
Shigetaka Hattori

Originaly from Shiga Prefecture, a few years ago I moved to Takeno where I now work in the tourism industry promoting my new home of Takeno. You can find me at the tourism office, leading guided tours of the area and instructing various workshops and activities. Living and working in Takeno gives me a great opportunity to enjoy my hobbies including canoeing and various sports.

One of my specialties is working with children and showing them the fun and importance of play and the outdoors. Takeno is a great place for kids and adults. When you come be sure to check out the view from the top of Jyajya Mountain, walk through the town, and try out a marine sport.

Visit the seaside town and beach of Takeno

Local Expert
River & Port Master Local Expert
Hiroki Imazu
River & Port

I was born and raised here near the water where we were taught to appreciate the land and sea. Right now I work at the local aquarium, Marine World, and neighboring hotel.

The river and port area stretch from Kinosaki Onsen along the Maruyama River past Kehi Beach Town, through the fishing village of Tsuiyama and up the coastal cliffs to Hiyoriyama. Several of the international tourists that come up here have said that it is a lovely and scenic walk from Kinosaki Onsen, and I agree. I do hope that you will take a tour of our area on your next visit.

Visit the towns of Hiyoriyama, Tuiyama, Kehi & Maruyama River

Local Expert
Izushi Master Local Expert
Kohei Morigaki

I grow up in this castle town where not too much has changed since my childhood. I enjoy reading and learning about the past. It is amazing the things you can learn about a place that you never really noticed before when you take a moment to look.

I am lucky to live in a place where history and culture are being preserved, there are not many towns left that preserve not only the buildings but also the local community. Izushi is one of these towns. I am proud to be working as a member of Tajimanokuni Izushi Tourism Association to promote my town and share it with you.

Visit the nostalgic and historical castle town of Izushi

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Toyooka Master Local Expert
Daisuke Nakahara

I am a freelance writer and regional producer orginally from Gifu prefecture. I enjoy writing to convey the passion of local businesses and the living culture behind them.

In my free time I enjoy analogue records, cooking and skateboarding. Also, if I could pick a season it would be the time from May to June when everything turns green again, I can enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature and it is also one of the more comfortable times of the year.

When in Toyooka I would recommend spending the day exploring the natural sights and outdoor activities nearby. At night cruise around to various Izakaya and restaurants before turning in. Then in the morning the next day pay a visit to the morning market and grab a coffee at a nearby cafe.

Visit Toyooka

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Tanto Master Local Expert
Kiyohito Ieki

Tanto is by far not your typical tourist spot, we are more of an agricultural area. For those who are willing to put up with our lack of English and wifi you will find an experience you can’t find in the concrete jungles of the big cities.

Beautiful fields of colorful tulips in the spring, rows of sunflowers in the summer, and star shinning bright and clear in the night sky. Some of our locals also offer up their traditional Japanese homes as a place to stay for visitors for the ultimate homestay experience.

My hobbies include the outdoors and motorsports, might have something to do with growing up here surrounded by nature and wide open spaces. Come and see what I mean. A great way to see the town is to cycle around the town and take in the countryside. Afterwards visit one of our natural hot springs.

Visit Tanto