Visit Kinosaki Onsen

A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Kyotango (Old)


Takeda Castle castle in the sky beyond Kinosaki Onsen


Jutting out into the sea, the Tango Peninsula of the eastern seaside has a Ria coast and boasts a diverse landscape of sheer cliffs and other features. A fantastic spot for sunsets, the golden reflection on the sea surface just before sunset is known as a “sun mirror”. Take some time to sit on the beach and enjoy the sunset. Yuhigaura is also great for swimming in the summer. (Nearest train station is “Yuhigaura-kitsu-onsen”). In addition to beautiful beaches and sunsets, the area is also well-known for its rich culture, beautiful nature, and delicious sake.

Rich Natural Beauty

  • Tateiwa


Located on Nochigahama Beach, “Tateiwa” looms at a height of 20 meters, creating a spectacular contrast with the blue sea. (Nearest bus stop is “Tenki-tenki Mura”)

  • Kotohikihama Beach

Kotohikihama Beach

Sand constantly cleansed by the sea water and daily clean-up by the locals result in an amazingly beautiful beach. Unmarred by impurities, the silky sand is called “Naki-suna (singing sand)”. Enjoy listening to the “squeak-squeak” as you stroll along the beach. (Nearest bus stop is “Kotohikihama”)

Sightseeing and Cuisine

Gosho Inaba Honke is the house of a wealthy merchant who built his fortune in the early modern period, using ships for coastal trade. Try the favorite local eats, “Bara-zushi (top right)” and “Bota-mochi (bottom right)”. (Nearest train station is “Kumihama”. Free admission, closed Wednesdays.)

“Shoku-no-Miyako” Tango Kingdom

On the vast grounds is a market selling fresh vegetables as well as restaurants that serve dishes using plenty of local ingredients such as seafood. Savor the “food culture” of the eastern seaside. (Free admission, closed Tuesdays in winter)

Hot Springs and Gourmet Ryokan Inns Galore

This area is home to numerous hot springs, as well as ryokan inns that serve “Japanese cuisine” featuring fresh seafood.