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A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Demo Ryokan

Demo Ryokan




【dinner】 please enjoy the original cuisine only in this season and area. ※ the menu is changed every month. we announce you the menu from "宿からのお知らせ" 【breakfast】 we serve breakfast which is full of foods here in Tajima. Tofu,eggdish,Konjac sashimi,Grilled fish,Japanese traditional dishes,salad,miso soup, rice, Japanese pickles, (we might change some dishes) please enjoy relaxing in the room appropriate for the good old Ryokan which is built in the style of a tea-ceremony house(an old typical Japanese structure) of course we're proud of cuisines, you can have dinner and breakfast in the guest room. this ryokan is next to Mandara-yu and also Goshono-yu and Kouno-yu are near(3 minutes by walk) you can take baths outside(there are 7 baths) as many times as you want after check-in (bath tax JPY 150) colorful yukata for female is chrged.(JPY 1000 + tax) washlet, hair dryer substantial bath amenities in big baths inside Ryokan reservable baths are for free (朝刊サービスは記載していません) free parking available

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