Natural Wonders

Sunagata Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Sunagata Beach, located in Tango Town, Kyotango City, is a small beach admired for its clear, beautiful sea. This beach has gentle, shallow waters. The atmosphere makes visitors feel as if they were in a private beach.……

Hakoishihama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Hakoishihama Beach, located in Kumihama City, is a popular destination for beachgoers for its clear water and white sand. To the back of the beach is a small hill called Tango Sand Dune, which is a beautiful spot to gaze at the ……

Kamaihama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Kamaihama Beach, located in Kumihama City, has a sea wall which allows gentle waves and shallow water. The fine, white sand is beautiful, making the beach feel like a private beach.

Shotenkyo & Kazuranohama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Shoutenkyo & Kazura-no-hama Beach Shoutenkyo Bridge, Kazura-no-hama Beach, located in Kumihama City, is a beach with beautiful shores with a beautiful sandbank called Shotenkyo Bridge that divides Kumihama Bay and the Sea of……

Kotohikihama Asobi Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Kotohikihama Asobi Beach located in Amino Town is a beautiful beach located on the eastern end of Kotohikihama with Singing Sand. This beach is also a shore reef area, where children can play in the reef.

Kotohikihama Kakezu Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Kotobiki-hama, Kakezu Beach is a famous beach located in Amino Town most known for its “Singing Sand,” and is often includes in the top 100 lists of tourist destinations. Kotobiki-hama was also designated by the nation as a Natura……

Kobama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Kobama Beach, located in Amino Town, is a beautiful shore with shallow waters and white sand. The eastern side of the shore has a promenade, where visitors can walk towards Kotobiki-hama. Nearby lodges are only a few minutes o……

Hachohama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

Hachohama Beach, located in Amino Town, is like a beach in a tropical resort. The waters are shallow, making this beach a popular destination for surfers. Hachohama Sea Side Park is also located here, where there is play equipme……

Yuhigaura Beach (Hamazume Yuhigaura Beach)

Natural WondersKyotango

“Yuhigaura,” located in Amino Town, is a town famous as an area to see beautiful sunsets. The moment right before the sun begins to set, the golden reflection on the ocean surface is like a beautiful mirror. Stretching along the s……

Kumihama Bay

Natural WondersKyotango

“Kumihama Bay” is a lagoon separated from the Sea of Japan with a sand bank. Inside the calm inland sea is an oyster farm, and this view has been designated as a Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Landscape. The rich population of plankton……

Lake Hanare

Natural WondersKyotango

Lake Hanare is the largest freshwater lake in Kyoto Prefecture, as well as a Class B river. In the lake is an isolated mountain joined by land, and by the lakeside, there is the Oka No.1 Tumulus, Lake Hanare Park, promenades for w……

Kotohikihama Beach

Natural WondersKyotango

“Kotohikihama Beach”, which is famous as a beach with singing sand, is a scenic spot with white sand and pine trees which goes on for 1.8 kilometers. This location is also designated by the nation as a Natural Monument and Scenic ……

Tango Matsushima Islands

Natural WondersKyotango

Tango Matsushima got its name from its resemblance to Matsushima, one of the three great views of Japan. The view of the ragged coastline which goes on until it reaches Cape Kyoga creates a beautiful silhouette against the morning……

Byobuiwa (folding-screen rock)

Natural WondersKyotango

“Byobuiwa” rock is a andesite with a height of 13 meters, and was named for its resemblance to a Japanese folding screen (Byobu) as it rises from the ocean surface. There is an observatory area along National Route 178, where you ……

Tateiwa (Standing Rock)

Natural WondersKyotango

“Tateiwa,” which represents Tango in the San’in Kaigan Geopark, is a huge monolith with a height of 20 meters. This boulder is made up of hardened magma that emerged from a geological stratum, including volcanic dust which accumul……

Kyogamisaki Lighthouse

Natural WondersKyotango

A chalky white lighthouse that looms on top of a cliff 148 meters above sea level at the most northern point of the Tango Peninsula. The lighthouse was erected in 1898, and is one of only five first-order lighthouses in the nati……

Cycle to Genbudo Caves

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresKinosaki Onsen

An easy bicycle ride along the Maruyama River from Kinosaki Onsen to Genbudo Museum and caves. Enjoy gorgeous river views, cycle past cute little farms and vegetable gardens, and enjoy the mountain views on this course.

Stork Natural Rice

Natural WondersDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

Stork Natural Rice uses an environmentally friendly farming method that cultivates quality rice while nurturing various living creatures, but was originally created to support the Oriental White Storks’ revival. This safe and whol……