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Please enjoy our original sake “Ryuu-guuro Mantan”, which was aged for 6 months, 27 meters below the sea of Kyotango City, and refined sake “Kome-Bito,” which was produced by reviving the “Rice Sake Trade” system which supports ri……

Tenki Tenki Tango


With a rich lineup of Tango’s specialty products including Tango silk crepes, Tenki Tenki Tango also contains a restaurant which serves fresh seafood. [Recommended Souvenir] Lightly pickled heshiko



Kumihama SANKAIKAN has a rich lineup of quality speciality products of Kumihama. The shop is attached to a restaurant where diners can enjoy handmade food with local ingredients.

Ukawa Onsen Yoshino-no-Sato Marche


A direct sales market attached to a hot spring facility with a beautiful view of the ocean. This shop has a lineup of fresh, local produce, processed seafood, and sundries.

Tango Kingdom Shoku-no-Miyako


“Tango Takumi-an” is a souvenir shop located in “Tango Kingdom Shoku no Miyako,” the largest roadside station in Western Japan, with a lineup of Tango souvenirs such as Tango Chirimen silk crepes and local beer.

Amity Tango


This souvenir shop has a rich lineup of Tango’s locally produced items such as Tango Chirimen (silk crepes), local sake, and crafts. [Recommended Souvenir] Tango Chirimen

Gosho Inaba Honke – Historical Merchant House

Art, Culture & HistoryShoppingKyotango

At the “Gosho Inaba Honke" , the main family house of a wealthy merchant family, located in Kumihama City, you can visit a reproduction of the mansion of the Inaba Family, who came to enormous wealth through a shipping agency busi……

Japanese Confectionary Toda Fugetsu-do


Our shop manufactures and sells snacks which relate to the legends and the history of Tango. We will be celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2020. Kotohira Monaka and Tango Path have been enjoyed by our customers for many years, an……



This shop has a rich lineup of local Tango souvenirs, such as Tango’s sea products, Tango Koshihikari rice, melon, pear, and other seasonal produce, and a variety of packaged snacks.