Caban Street Shopping

Caban Street, meaning “bag street” in Japanese, is just as the name suggests. Here you will find a number of specialty bag stores that sell, make, and mend bags. The majority of the bags sold here are of the highest quality and are made in Toyooka, these are given the name Toyooka Kaban. In addition to a wide range of bag styles, you can also find wallets, coin purses, and other items as well. Also, on the last Sunday of every month, the street is blocked off to traffic and turned into a pedestrian mall where local vendors gather to sell handmade goods at the monthly street market.
Toyooka is famous for being Japan’s largest producer of bags and has been for over 1,000 years. Toyooka bags are detailed and are of the highest quality. Only bags that meet the strict criteria set by the Hyogo Prefecture Bag Manufacturing Union are given the trademark registration Toyooka Kaban. These bags stand in par with well-known French and Italian brands.


Artisan is the main building on Caban Street where a wide variety of locally-made Toyooka Kaban brand bags are sold. On the upper floors above the sales floors is a shop selling parts, materials, and tools for bag making and leather crafting. On the top floor is the Toyooka KABAN Artisan School where students from all over Japan come to learn the skills and art of bag making to become a professional.

Bag Vending Machine

Along Caban Street you will find various objects styled after bags, including this vending machine. A one-of-a-kind vending machine where you can purchase your very own Toyooka tote bag of various styles and design.

Monthly street market

On the last Sunday of every month, artisans gather from all over the area to sell and show off their crafts. You can find small shops selling things from earrings to leather goods and more. There are also vendors selling snacks and drinks. Sometimes you can see a live band perform!


Chuo-machi, Toyooka
Caban Street is located about 1km east of JR Toyooka Station, and is at the end of Daikai Street.

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