Make your own Izushi Sara Soba

If you plan on visiting the lovely castle town of Izushi, we highly recommend making your own Izushi Sara Soba. Sara Soba, or plated buckwheat noodles, is a specialty of Izushi. Many soba shops offer workshops where you can learn how to make soba from scratch step by step, and of course you get to enjoy your hard work at the end. For details on workshop locations, times, and prices, checkout the URL link in the “INFORMATION” section of this page.

Rolling out the dough after kneading the special soba flour

Cutting the soba. The trick is to cut them thinly and at the same width.

How did your soba turn out? Don't be embarrassed if it didn't turn out like the pros, it takes years and hundreds of tries to perfect the art of soba making.

Now it is time to enjoy your hard work. Try the various toppings like wasabi and raw egg with your soba.


Business Hours
Times vary for each shop, please see the link above for details.
Average Price Range
Prices vary for each shop, please see the link above for details.
Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.


Izushi-cho, Toyooka, Hyogo Prefecture
To get to Izushi take a city bus bound for Izushi from Toyooka JR train station(about 30 minutes)
(Kinosaki to Toyooka by train takes about 10 minutes)