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A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Volcanic Rock Trekking Course

This hiking course will take you along the old lava flow from the Kannabe Volcano, one of the youngest volcanoes in the Kansai region with its last eruption being over 25,000 years ago. Follow the flow along the Inaba River through the mountains while enjoying beautiful natural scenery and waterfalls formed by the hardened lava. The course is approximately 1.6km long and takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to travel one way. To really enjoy the course and to ensure your safety, a guide is recommended.

Roadside signs for the trail

Yamanomiya small waterfall

There is a place downstream of this waterfall where the water is swallowed up.

Double waterfall

Suggested clothing and equipment for the hike are:
long pants, hat, sturdy shoes, rain gear, warm layer, backpack, water, small towel.


Kannabe Nature School
85-7 Nashiki, Hidaka-cho
Toyooka-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.


Along the Prefectural Road No.482, Yamanomiya, Hidaka-cho, Toyooka-shi
Take the train from JR Kinosaki Station or JR Toyooka Station and get off at JR Ebara Station. From JR Ebara Station take a bus that leaves from the front of the station once an hour. Take the bus to Kannabe Highlands, getting off at Yamanomiya or Tochimoto bus stop. Near Tochimoto bus stop you will find a map and trail signs for the lava course. Follow these signs.

The pin on this map is placed near the course signboards. It is also suggested to go to the Hidaka Kannabe Information Center located at the Kannabe Highlands Rest Area for information on the trail.