Visit Kinosaki Onsen

A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Yumura Onsen

Immerse yourself in the hot spring while enjoying an egg boiled in the same water.

The Arayu hot spring is located in the middle of a steaming onsen town. The temperature of the spring source gets as hot as 98℃ and it naturally contains sodium, hydrogen carbonate, chloride, and sulfate. Approximately 470 liters flow every minute. You can cook eggs and vegetables in the “yutsubo” (the bath of hot spring water). There are also many foot baths near the Haruki river, which draw hot water directly from the hot spring source. You can also enjoy a day trip to the onsen.


1254 Yu Shinonsen-cho, Hyogo
〒669-6821 兵庫県美方郡 新温泉町湯1254

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JR:Hamasaka station (浜坂駅)
Shin’onsen-Chomin Bus: Yumura Onsen (湯村温泉)
Zentan Bus (Tajimawaru):Yumura Onsen (湯村温泉)

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