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A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Dessert & Sweets

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Dairy Kitchen Sora

Dairy Kitchen Sora is an ice cream shop attached to the café. Pizza is served only on weekends and national holidays.


Kinosaki Sweets

A specialty sweets and confectionary store born in Kinosaki Onsen. Kinosaki Sweets is a familiar shop for the locals of this charming, old-fashioned hot spring village called Kinos……

Kinosaki all natural egg pudding – Kiman

All of our pudding is 100% handmade from scratch. Take your time enjoying the pure natural flavor.

Soft ice-cream creamery Sofuto Studio

Try green tea or one of our other 25 flavors of soft serve ice cream. Feel free to use our tatami room with the heated floor tables as a resting spot when traveling between the bat……

Cafe M’s style Nagomi

A hidden cafe with an at-home feel. We offer only homemade items made from all natural products.

Kinosaki gelato cafe Chaya

This cafe offers a menu with the town's famous and popular gelato. Another favorite are the plump, over-easy boiled eggs that you boil yourself in the nearby hot spring waters.

Kinosaki sweets Chaya

Find a wide variety of sweets here, including beautifying juice containing a collegian boost and parfaits with mini balls of sweetened rice cakes.

Miharashi Cafe Chaya

Enjoy colorful dango and traditional sweet rice cake balls while overlooking the Sea of Japan and the town of Kinosaki from the top of the ropeway.

Cafe Moa

Come on in and take a break at Cafe Moa. We have many delicious burgers to choose from. The Moa Burger is a local favorite and if you are looking for more volume, the Special Burge……