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A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere

Kotohikihama Singing Sand Cultural Building

This is an experience-based facility where you can learn everything about the singing sands of Kotohikihama Beach. Many things drift in on the ocean’s current into Kotohikihama Beach on the Sea of Japan. See the stories these items tell. You can view sand, quarts and small shell samples under a microscope to get a closer look. The sand does not “sing” as well when it is wet, so if you miss the chance to hear the sand sing at Kotohikihama Beach you can hear it here regardless of the weather.

Entrance Fee: Adults 300 yen (200 yen for groups of 15 or more) / 13-18 y.o 100 yen
(Care assistants accompany someone that needs their assistance is free)


Business Hours
Open 9 am to 5 pm (entrance to the building is closed at 4:30 pm)
Holidays / Closed
Closed every Tuesday (Should a national holiday fall of a Tuesday the building will be closed that Wednesday) Closed Dec. 28 to Jan 3. *Open every day for summer vacation from July 20 to August 31
1250 Kakeji, Amino-cho,
Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture 629-3112