Mandara means the enlightened mind, and is named so because the waters of Mandara were supposedly brought forth after a holy priest, Dochi, prayed continually for a thousand days.
There are two small ceramic baths located outside. Enjoy the fresh air and mountain side views.

Mandara-Yu, is historically known as Kinosaki’s very first onsen and the town’s starting point as a well-renowned healing hot spring. Historical documents tell of a priest (Saint Douchi) that traveled the country to help the suffering and ill. His travels eventually brought him here, to Kinosaki Onsen. Here he was instructed by the local oracle to pray for 1,000 days to save the people from suffering. On the 1,000th day, hot spring water came forth. This hot spring water soon became famous throughout the region and the country for its incredible healing powers. Eventually, word reached the emperor of the time. After confirming the authenticity of Kinosaki’s onsen he gave the title of “Guardian Temple of Kinosaki Onsen” to the temple erected by St. Douchi for the protection of Kinosaki, it’s hot spring waters and it’s people.

Interior bath

Open air outdoor bath


Business Hours
3:00pm - 11:00pm
Holidays / Closed
Every Wednesday
Distance from Station
15 minute walk
Entrance Fee
Adult 700 yen / Child(U-12yrs) 350 yen
Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.


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