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Onsenji Temple Hot Spring Therapy Origins Tour

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On this tour, learn about the ancient bathing rituals, Onsenji Temple's history, the founder of Kinosaki Onsen, and more!

Sotoyu Hanayumi

Hot SpringsKyotango

A home to an open-air bath and lie-down bath with a view of a waterfall and garden, this facility not only contains a large open bathhouse but a restaurant as well.

Asamokawa Onsen Shizuka no Sato

Hot SpringsKyotango

A calm hot spring facility located on a hill that looks out to the sea. This is a perfect destination for a relaxing family vacation, with its hot spring, observation lobby, and restaurant which looks out to the Sea of Japan, as w……

Minato Yuuyuu Onsen

Hot SpringsKyotango

Here, visitors can indulge in the open, large bath house and outdoors bath filled with water from Minato Yuu Yuu’s own source. After enjoying the bath, visitors can head up to the top floor lounge, with an observation space with a……

Tango Onsen Hashiudo-so

Hot SpringsKyotango

This hot spring facility boasts the rich, abundant water pulled directly by a pipeline from a nearby water source, and its view of the scenic destination “Tateiwa.” This lodge is so close to the ocean that you can hear the roaring……

Ono no Komachi Onsen

Hot SpringsKyotango

Ono no Komachi Onsen has alkaline waters which are gentle on the skin. Located on a hill that looks over the city of Oomiya, this hot spring facility is surrounded by fun destinations, such as the “Oomiya Fureai Studio.”

Kumihama Onsen Yumotokan

Hot SpringsKyotango

The largest hot spring facility in the northern Kinki region, Kumihama Onsen Yumotokan prides itself on the Gensen-Kakenagashi (water flowing directly from the hot spring source). Both the male and female baths have indoors, outdo……

Yasaka Ashiginu Onsen

Hot SpringsKyotango

This day-trip hot spring facility is located on a small, high hill that looks over the Yasaka Plateau of Kyotango City. This facility stands in the beautiful Tango nature, by using discarded tempura oils and wood chip fuel to warm……

Ukawa Onsen & Yoshino-no-Sato

Hot SpringsKyotango

Here you can find an “ocean hot spring,” with a breathtaking view of the blue waters of the Sea of Japan and a sunset over the horizon, and a “mountain hot spring” surrounded by bamboos and forests. These two baths are switched fo……

Kannabe Onsen Yutorogi

Day Trips Around KinosakiHot SpringsKannabe

A public hot spring in the mountains of Kannabe. Enjoy indoor and outdoor baths. Indoor baths have jets to help you relax even more. The baths are gender segregated, a side for men and a side for women. No swimsuits or clothing ……

Silk Onsen “Yamabiko”

Day Trips Around KinosakiHot SpringsTanto

Located out in tranquil countryside of Tanto, southeast of Kinosaki Onsen, and surrounded by beautiful and lush nature. Geothermal heated hot spring waters come up through ancient granite located 1,100m underground and have a rich……

Yumura Onsen

Day Trips Around KinosakiHot SpringsBeyondMikata

Immerse yourself in the hot spring while enjoying an egg boiled in the same water. The Arayu hot spring is located in the middle of a steaming onsen town. The temperature of the spring source gets as hot as 98℃ and it naturally c……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Kono-yu is the bath that will bring you happiness in your marriage and longevity. This is the oldest hot spring in Kinosaki. It is said that it was discovered when a villager found an oriental stork healing its wounds in the wate……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Mandara means the enlightened mind, and is named so because the waters of Mandara were supposedly brought forth after a holy priest, Dochi, prayed continually for a thousand days. There are two small ceramic baths located outside……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Goshono-yu, also known as the "Water of Beauty", brings luck in love and protects you against fires. Goshono-yu was built in the likeness of Kyoto’s Imperial Palace. The foyer and lounge area are accessed by beautifully painted s……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

The architecture resembles that of a kabuki theater and is a popular bathhouse landmark. This bathhouse features a cave made of natural boulders and soft ambient lighting, perfect for those wanting a calm and relaxing soak. Come a……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

Yanagi-yu is said to ensure fertility and safe childbirth for woman. Yanagi is Japanese for weeping willow, and gets its name from the willow-lined street that runs in front of the Yanagi-yu. This is a cozy bathhouse. The interio……


Hot SpringsKinosaki Onsen

The design of the building was inspired by a Japanese lantern. The hexagonal windows are shaped like the volcanic rock formations of Genbudo cave. It is a local favorite, with many families from the neighborhood still preferring ……