Takeda Castle Ruins

Discover the castle in the sky,
and witness a miraculous autumn sight.

“Takeda-jo-seki (Takeda Castle Ruins)” is the nationally well-known castle ruins located atop a mountain. It is well known as “Japan’s Machu Picchu” and the “Castle in the Sky” because of the surrounding clouds that give it the illusion of a floating castle. You can see the sight of the castle floating on a sea of clouds when the weather conditions are just right, usually in the early mornings of autumn and winter.
It’s around a 40-minute walk to the top from “Yamajiro-no-Sato.” If you take the “Tenku Bus”, this bus will take you half way up, then it’s about a 20-minute walk up to the top. (Extra charges will be requested. Please check the days and times of the service before traveling.) There is also a restaurant located around Yamajiro-no-Sato.


Business Hours
9:00-16:00 (Mar 20 – Sep 20) / 3:00-16:00 (Sep 21 – Dec 10)
169 Takeda, Wadayama=cho, Asago-city, Hyogo
〒669-5252 兵庫県朝来市 和田山町竹田古城山169番地
Entrance Fee
Adult: 500 yen Free for junior high school students and younger
Language Support
Sorry, but only Japanese is spoken.


JR:Takeda station (竹田駅) 
Zentan Bus:Yamajiro no Sato (山城の郷) 
Zentan Bus (Tajimawaru):Yamajiro no Sato (山城の郷)

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