Visit Kinosaki Onsen

A cozy hot spring town renowned for its hot springs and atmosphere


Toyooka’s Traditional Bag Crafting

Art, Culture & HistoryToyooka

Witness Toyooka’s 1,200 years of traditional bag crafting.

Oriental White Stork Observation Tour (with private English guide)

Natural WondersActive & Outdoor AdventuresToyooka

Through this tour, learn about the ecology of the storks and the city's commitment to fulfilling their promise of returning the Oriental White Storks to Japan's skies.

Genbudo Hand-crafted Rice Crackers

ShoppingKinosaki OnsenToyookaIzushi

Genbudo uses high quality ingredients and produces a cracker that brings out the gentle flavor of the rice with every bite. These premium hand-crafted sembei crackers are truly an artform.

Oriental White Stork

Art, Culture & HistoryDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

This majestic creature, the Oriental White Stork, dances through the skies once again.

Stork Natural Rice

Natural WondersDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

Stork Natural Rice uses an environmentally friendly farming method that cultivates quality rice while nurturing various living creatures, but was originally created to support the Oriental White Storks’ revival. This safe and whol……

Oriental White Stork Preservation

Natural WondersToyooka

Toyooka City in Hyogo Prefecture created a breeding and research facility to save and preserve the Oriental White Stork after the last wild Oriental White Stork died in 1971. In 2005, they were successfully reintroduced into the w……

Oriental White Stork Attractions

Natural WondersDay Trips Around KinosakiToyooka

Toyooka City is dedicated to the preservation and reintroduction of the Oriental White Stork. Several land areas in Toyooka have been designated as wildlife reserves and are used to help reintroduce the Oriental White Stork back i……

Shopping on Daikai Street

Day Trips Around KinosakiShoppingToyooka

Daikai Street is the main street of the Toyooka downtown area. About 1km long, it runs perpendicular to JR Toyooka Station. You will find various cafes, restaurants, boutiques, gift shops, and more here. It is a great place to go ……

Caban Street Shopping

Day Trips Around KinosakiShoppingToyooka

Caban Street, meaning “bag street” in Japanese, is just as the name suggests. Here you will find a number of specialty bag stores that sell, make, and mend bags. The majority of the bags sold here are of the highest quality and ar……